Fighting for the Best of Chicago

Because No One Does It Better

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Frederick Collins: Mayoral Candidate of Chicago

When Frederick Collins speaks, not only can you count on him to follow through on what he says, as well as you can also be certain that he is speaking from a position of boldness, integrity, and purpose.

His Mission and Core Values

Frederick Collins’ fight for justice, safety, and order extends beyond the badge he wears as a Chicago police officer. Frederick Collins is a man with a Vision and Mission. His goal is not only to become Chicago’s next mayor, but to improve public safety, economic conditions and educational conditions and the overall quality of life for the citizens of Chicago.

A Man of Action

Frederick Collins is the successor of what Harold Washington stood for. Frederick Collins is a person of conviction who understands that justice and equality for all is a constitutional right that MUST be reinforced through legislation. Frederick is a man of action, already standing with community leaders on addressing the issues of  high crime in our community and school closings. Frederick is a man of assertiveness and resolve, a man who will not dissuade the hearts of the people but will encourage involvement from the citizens of Chicago to create and maintain diversity, fairness, and a terrific opportunity for all Chicagoans.