Stand With Us. Donate Now

Stand With Us. Donate Now


Hi, I'm Frederick Collins, A 29 year Veteran Police Officer of the Chicago Police Department, Community Activist and a father of 3 children and 3 grandchildren. AND I'm running for the office of Mayor of Chicago.

Today, I ask for your help and support to help me Institute new reforms and bring about the revival and renewal of our great American city while there is still time. As Mayor, I will immediately place into action a citywide plan to stop the blatant deadly crime sprees and carjackings that have plagued our city, our communities, and businesses too. Thus causing the citizens of our great city to feel unsafe and fearful within their own neighborhoods. 

My public safety plan will first strictly enforce our City of Chicago "Curfew Laws," thus making sure that our children are safe at home and not out on the streets committing crimes or becoming victims of a crime. I will also as MAYOR OF CHICAGO bring back and Implement "STOP AND FRISK LAWS" with the use of new technologies such as police body cameras to insure that there is public "TRANSPARENCY AND TRUST" within this must needed proactive tool of "PUBLIC SAFETY"

Number (#2.) of my plan would be to immediately choose a New Superintendent for the Chicago Police Department from the City of Chicago and from within its ranks. I will also remove the useless and destructive policies such as the "DO NOT CHASE POLICY" implemented by the "MAYOR LIGHTFOOT" administration that has severely "BLOCKED" our brave men and women in uniform from effectively being able to do their job of "PROTECTING" the citizens of this great city. Also, under my administration, the violent offenders whom seek to commit carjackings, senseless shootings, and brazen robbery of businesses will be placed on notice on day one that their reign of terrorizing the taxpaying citizens of our city will be over. "I WILL DO WHAT IS CONSTITUTIONALLY LEGALLY NECESSARY" to protect our children, citizens, and businesses of our great city of Chicago.

The (#3.) part of my plan is to immediately start the hiring and recruitment of "20,000 New Chicago Police officers" within four years and the promotion of "3,000 New Chicago police Detectives" to better handle current crimes as well as a backlog of cold cases.


The (#4.) part of my public safety strategy plan will be to bring back the Chicago Police Department specialized deployment units citywide such as the Chicago Police tact teams, gun team units, CTA transit undercover and uniform units, as well as gang crimes undercover units, to deal with and gather intelligence into better preventing street crimes.

The (#5.) part of my administration's public safety plan is to combat Human Trafficking of our young men and women. I will team up with Cook County Law Enforcement Agencies, Illinois State Police. National Federal Law Enforcement Agencies to cross-reference intelligence gathering to make sure we use all the legal tools at our disposal to track down and hold these criminal individuals and organized crime networks accountable to bring our young boys and girls back home to their families loved ones because no parent should have to worry about their child being snatched off the streets of our city and becoming victims of such a heinous crime.”